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15 Life Lessons From Frozen

15 Life Lessons From Frozen

15 Life Lessons From Frozen

  1. Prince Hans is not Prince Charming. Don’t mix them up
  2. There is no aspect of your character that can be hidden forever. The truth will out one day
  3. You can’t run from yourself
  4. You can’t run from your troubles
  5. But sometimes it is good to get away from it all for a while. He who fights and runs, lives tofight another. Retreat to regroup
  6. Parents are not always right even with the best of intentions
  7. Love really is the strongest
  8. Isolating yourself is never the right thing
  9. Give people the benefit of a doubt. Sometimes it’s enough for them to get to know you even if they don’t understand you
  10. Most times, the real heroes and heroines are not the ones with special powers. They are the ones who simply love enough to sacrifice
  11. If he’s from Weasel Town, chances are – he’s a weasel.
  12. Sing every chance you have. Music truly is the language of angels
  13. Fear is the enemy
  14. Prince Charming is not always a prince. Sometimes he’s just a young man working to make ends meet
  15. I watch waaay too much cartoon. (Yeah, yeah I know it’s now called animated blabla, but to me it will always be cartoon)


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