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Blog Adverts

  1. Side Bars Advert Banner for one month (30days) – N70,000 ( You are required to submit the banners in 300×600 (widthxheight))
  2. Blog Post – N50,000
  3. Featured Blog Post – N70,000

Both regular blog posts and featured blog posts are to be written and submitted by you after which they will be edited by Lagoshousewife before being posted.

BONUS – All blog post adverts get a free Instagram mention linking to the ad.


Lagoshousewife reserves the right to reject an advert and/or review that does not meet up to the standard of her brand in either language or quality or is found to be misleading to her followers.

Lagoshousewife reserves the right to withdraw/delete an advert and/or review before and after posting if found not to live up to the  claimed standard or if it compromises her integrity with followers or due to customer complaints. There will be no refund in such cases.

These rates are subject to periodic changes and reviews.

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