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My multipurpose jollof sauce

There is something that is always available in my freezer. I'm never without it. It's what I call Multipurpose Jollof Sauce. Jollof Sauce is simply the blended and cooked peppers mix used to make jollof rice. But because my jollof…

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Mini Cinnamon Loaves

I woke up Sunday morning with the urge to bake something, but I didn’t want to bake cake (I’d baked cake the day before)
I wanted something more substantial than cookies. Bread came to mind but I wanted something sweeter that I can eat on it’s own without a need for jam or butter.

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Mamalette Live 2017

Β  Mamalette Live! 2017 is Nigeria's Largest Celebration For Mothers. Mamalette Live! celebrates the beauty of being a mother and is a thank you to you because your work is the most important there is! Are you a mother, expectant…

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