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The Last Supper (The End)

Read the last supper part 1 And the last supper part 2   Time to eat, Mummy Another grim smile, then the gun moved slightly and this time the barrel came to rest, pointing squarely at his mother. With his…

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The Last Supper (Part 2)

This is the second part of The Last Supper continued from previous post. Jaiye, the 'çook' Putting the two trays down, Jaiye hurried back into the kitchen for the remaining trays. Earlier that day, he had given all the servants…

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What are you feeding your soul?

Recently, I went dark! *horror movie heart thumping soundtrack* Aka I went offline! *Gasp* No internet! *shriek* For a whole week! You can close your mouth now. Okay, okay. The theatrics is an overkill but if you know me, you…

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Leftovers Casserole

I initially titled this post – LEFTOVER CASSEROLE but seeing as it’s not the casserole that is leftover, rather the casserole is made from leftover ingredients and a few canned foods loitering in my kitchen, I decided adding ‘S’ to the ‘leftover’ will make more sense. Hope it does.

Now that the kids are home on long holidays, meals have to be easy, filling, convenient and nutritious. Casseroles meet all those conditions and more. You don’t even need to use the ingredients listed here. Use anything you have. Toss it all together. The only maybe constant is eggs and even that can be substituted (don’t worry, I’ll post a recipe of the substitute soon)

LagosHouseWife Leftover Casserole Recipe
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LagosHouseWife - Daily Routine

My day to day routine

So what does the daily routine of a housewife look like? I have no idea. I can only speak for this lagoshousewife. Most days I wake up 4am. Not by choice, purely by commitment. I wake to talk with God,…

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