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For Love, For Happiness, For Pleasure

A lady sent me a DM on Instagram, asking how much I charge for home catering. I replied with apologies that I am not a caterer. I'm just a foodie who loves cooking for her family. She was shocked and exclaimed that all my food pictures are just home cooking? I said yes. She said I was wasting my talent. That I can be making a lot of money from cooking. She's right. To an extent. I'm an entrepreneur so…

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Opportunities Abound

If I had a naira, just one naira for each time I've heard 'Jonathan messed up the economy' and 'Buhari is messing up the economy' I will be on Forbes Richest List by now. Nigerians ehn, we can grumble! The Egypt migrating Isrealites have nothing on us. There is no doubt the Nigeria economy is in dire straits, the only surprise is that it is not worse than it is. But the most amazing thing is that this present economic…

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Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

I'm sure you have heard that proverb a lot of times. Many of us take it to mean someone who is doing very different types of businesses at the same time. We are right, but that is not all. There is an aspect to this proverb we often overlook as Entrepreneurs. It is the part where we do not 'nichify' our business. For example, a cook who has a restaurant, and even that restaurant has no specification. Mediterranean meals, African,…

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Let’s Love God Loud

Let's Love God Loud. As I was sitting down, thinking what topic to start this Mompreneur category with, I tuned to the Faith Africa channel and caught the tail end of Joyce Meyer's teaching as she spoke about us not hiding our lights under a bushel. She ended with this rousing cry - LET'S LOVE GOD LOUD! I immediately knew this is what I am to write about. In a world where we now have to apologize for our faith,…

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