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The Story Of Easter

The Story of Easter

The story of Easter began from the beginning when God created the world and humans. He made everything beautiful and true and and joyful and real and righteous. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil existed and God did…

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LagosHouseWife - Are You An Atheist?

Are you an atheist?

Are You An Atheist? I really should stop staying up so late. That's when I have too much time on my hands and nothing to occupy such hands so my mind starts roaming everywhere. Today it roamed to atheism. I'm…

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Looking Back to Go Forward

2016 is drawing to a close and as always I'm looking back at the year. I can say the greatest thing to happen to me this year is my deeper relationship with God. And what I'm looking forward to in…

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My Passion

My Passion - My husband and I sometimes play these online games of 'how well do you know your spouse' where you ask each other questions about yourselves. Eg I ask him what is my favourite colour, he asks me…

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What are you feeding your soul?

Recently, I went dark! *horror movie heart thumping soundtrack* Aka I went offline! *Gasp* No internet! *shriek* For a whole week! You can close your mouth now. Okay, okay. The theatrics is an overkill but if you know me, you…

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We are one

There was a post a while back where someone commented in terrible terms about Nigeria. It wasn't the usual corruption, government criticism frustrated lamentations that we all indulge in almost everyday about our country. It was instead a blistering condemnation…

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Let’s Love God Loud

Let's Love God Loud. As I was sitting down, thinking what topic to start this Mompreneur category with, I tuned to the Faith Africa channel and caught the tail end of Joyce Meyer's teaching as she spoke about us not…

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The Seven Sons Of Sceva

“So this is the man Paul”, I whisper quietly to myself. But as quiet as I think I am, my whisper still does not escape my eldest brother's ears. “Yes, indeed it is” he replies heartily then reaches out a…

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My Name Is Deborah

Yep, that is the name I chose as my baptismal name. I didn't have to choose a name. I did my baptism in my parents church and they don't make it mandatory for you to choose a biblical name. But…

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