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Chicken and Potatoes in Veggies and Coconut Sauce (video recipe)

By now, you know:
I love Chicken
I love Irish Potatoes
I love Coconut Milk
And I particularly love Chicken and Potatoes cooked in Coconut milk.
I think I have about 10 variations of chicken and potatoes cooked in Coconut milk. Here are 2 of my previous recipes

It’s kind of my Signature dish
You know the way every chef has a signature dish they are known for?
This is mine.

It’s easy
Quick to prepare
A one pot meal
Can be made in the oven or on stovetop
You can substitute any ingredients
And it is utterly and completely delicious.
You just cannot go wrong with it!

This particular one in another variation which includes veggies.
I used leftover veggies I had available so feel free to use whatever vegetables you have handy.
Use whatever milk you want – dairy milk, nut milk or seed milk – go wild!
As I said – You cannnot mess this up!

So now, lemme get out of your way so you can watch the video.

Don’t forget to come back and drop a comment when you have tried out the recipe.
I’ll love to hear from you what substitutes and tweaks you made to yours.
And if you follow the recipe exactly, let me know what you think of it.
Thank you 😙😙😙

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    1. No need for bouillon cubes. Infact – please don’t use bouillon cubes, I’m begging, lol.
      The spices used and salt are all you need

  1. Please ma, i thought uziza is leaf. Or what’s the content in the first spice container you put on the chicken before salt. Thanks

    1. There’s Uziza leaves and Uziza seed. This one is the seed. I grinded it.
      You’ll get it in the market from the same people selling Uziza leaves. Just tell them you want Uziza seed

  2. So i prepared this for my family, they enjoyed it. I even kept some of the “liquid” and used it to cook jollof rice. It came out good. I was feeling like one correct chef. If only they knew I copied lhw recipe. Thanks for this lhw.

    1. You are a very correct chef! Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked it ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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