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Cooking with LagosHouseWife

Cooking With LagosHouseWife

Hello, everyone.
It has been ‘three days’ (according to my Yoruba people)
A lot has been going on and I’ve been wondering where this blog is going.
I have my social media accounts and they seem sufficient for all I’m doing. I actually started considering closing this blog, but something held me back.

Don’t worry, I’m definitely not going to close it.
You will just have to epp me figure out what this blog should be all about.

In the meantime, I have a big huge mega announcement!

Sometime this year, I told a friend @simplenkwobisauce that I would like to have a Cooking Show and set up a Cooking Studio for it.
It was just something I said for ‘the future’ as in, it wasn’t in the works for now, just one of my ‘one day’ dreams.

But God had His own plans
(He always does, lol)

@simplenkwobisauce ran with my words and took it upon herself to make it happen.
She involved her workplace, @pemjoladpaints. And before I knew it, my Cooking Studio was painted with the most beautiful quality “unstainable” paintwork I’ve ever seen.
Absolutely free!

PemjoLad Paints

It was like a whirlwind. In fact, I had to scramble to set up a place for the Cooking studio. That’s how unprepared I was.

@simplenkwobisauce did not stop there.
She met by chance @demamaspride_empire and they got talking about the Cooking Studio.
@demamaspride_empire reached out to me. And like a dream, they built and installed my kitchen cabinets without me paying a dime!

I am yet to recover from my amazement.

But here’s the thing – when people believe in you and invest in your dream, you owe it to them to make that dream a reality.

I knew at that moment, my ‘one day dream’ must become a reality.
So I sat up and got to work.

And as I started buying the things I needed in the Cooking Studio, I had people reaching out to me and giving things. Without me telling anyone anything.
It was God moving to show me “This is of me, Rayo. I will provide. Just obey”

Let me give you a testimony example of how God provided.
I needed baking set.
And I wanted good quality ones.
I looked around, but the prices were way above my budget.
So I decided to settle for the cheaper ones for now. They tend to rust after a few uses but I said let me manage them till I can afford the better ones.

The very day, I wanted to order the cheap ones, I got a delivery from @shopperscartng. Lol and behold, it was the good quality ones that I wanted but couldn’t afford.
I burst into tears.
I had not spoken with anyone about it at all. Not even my husband.
But God knew, and provided.
And @shopperscartng heard God, heeded His leading, and gave generously.

Let me encourage someone today – If it is of God, He will always, ALWAYS provide.
He never tells you to do something without giving all you need for it.
All you have to do is obey and start.

Ayaff talk too mush already
You know I like talking and writing
So lemme get back on track.

My big announcement:

COOKING WITH LAGOSHOUSEWIFE will start on November 1, 2018.

For now, it will be on Instagram and Facebook Live.
When we get sponsors, we will also extend to TV.

But for now, every Thursday at 11am, we are going to be live on Facebook and Instagram.

The first episode will be an INTRODUCTION TO THE COOKING STUDIO and I will be showing you the things I have and the vendors I got them from.

After that, the next episodes will be COOKING AND COOKING AND COOKING AND MORE COOKING!

So get your taste buds ready. Your kitchen will never be the same again.

But the Cooking Studio is not only for me o.
I will be inviting YOU to join me to cook your favourite recipes too in the Guest episodes.
That is why the Cooking show is called COOKING WITH LAGOSHOUSEWIFE.

Please remember to pray for me, my team, everyone who has given and supported this dream, all lagoshousewife fans & followers and the Cooking show.
The Lord is leading us to even more things. And as they manifest, I ask that they will all be used for His glory and to impact each and every one of you for good in Jesus name.

Thank you so much for supporting this Okun woman from the very beginning.
My Heavenly Father will bless and reward you all in Jesus name.

So, let the countdown begin…………

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I'm a Woman. I'm a Wife. I'm a Mother. I'm a Foodie. I'm a Mompreneur. I'm a Christian.

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  1. I’m soooooo happy for this testimony. Thank you for sharing, I’m encouraged to listen n pick back up from where i stopped abt the plans that God has placed on my heart. God bless u Mummy Konkolo The Great. You are much more than a Professional Housewife. Thank u for letting God use u…πŸ’•

  2. Congratulations Rayo. God will open up more doors and opportunities as you have done for a lot of us. Enjoy His bliss

  3. Congratulations ma’am. Keep on inspiring. May God bless your endeavors.
    Looking forward to working with you in one of your guest shows πŸ˜‰ love @habbiescookbook

  4. This is great news! You deserve it and much more. May God bless @simplenkwobisauce and all who contributed to making your dream come true! It’s true what they say to surround yourself with positive people !Can’t wait to watch all episodes πŸ’ƒ

  5. Well done making, I have always believed in you, God is taking you to higher level, how is konkolo, we love him so much

    1. Amen!
      Thank you so much for believing in and supporting me.
      God bless you bountifully πŸ™
      Konkolo is fine. He sends his love πŸ’–

  6. Congratulations darling!!!
    It is your PERSON that is attracting all this beautiful blessings.
    Keep being you.
    The very best I wish you.

  7. Congratulations sis,God bless d work of ur hand nd enlarge u ijn,God will be sufficient for all ur needs ijn

  8. Whoop whoop!!
    I am super excited for you babes .
    Thank you to everyone that cane through for @lagoshousewife. .God bless you all.
    Let’s go there !!

  9. Wow!!!
    Congratulations MA, this is great news!!!
    May God perfect this good work he has started.
    More blessings ma

  10. Congratulations ma’am, more amazing and jaw dropping testimonies to come Between you’re a fantastic writer like I’ve mentioned before, I just read two stories (last super and another story), please write more often please

  11. What a marvelous God, congratulations ma’am. This is just the beginning,God’s Grace is taking you further. We declared the cooking show blessed in Jesus Name Amen.

  12. God is amazing. . The way and manner. . He does his things is beyond human imagination…

    congratulations on our new baby. .#cooking with lagoshousewife

  13. Big congrats ! Cheers to many more. Will be looking forward to new recipes to learn and then someday I’ll come and cook with you! πŸ’ƒ

  14. Wow. This is such an amazing news and testimony to usher us into the new week. Am so happy for you. This cooking show will be a banger. I wasn’t mislead when I saw you and looked up to you as a mentor and mother on Instagram. I read ur write up voraciously and they are always interesting. Pls keep the blog running. God is taking you places ma.

    1. God bless you bountifully, sis. I’m so grateful for your support.
      Amen to your prayers. I hope you will agree to come on the show

  15. Congratulations ma. I look up to you! You are amazing, may God continue to enlarge your coast in Jesus name.Amen. Love to you and konkolo 😘

    1. Amen! Thank you so much ❀️
      I’m very glad you were blessed. God will prove Himself faithful in your life in Jesus name

  16. Dear LHW, if only you know how much inspiration you are! Thanks for doing what you love to do, thanks for letting God use you and thanks for reiterating that God has already makes provision for the commission. I hope to have some talk with you some day. Thanks for being a blessing.

  17. Wow!! What a testimony. Glory to God! Congratulations ma. U really hv been a bleassin2to many homes, mine included .couple with d laughter u bring every morning with ur posts. This is just d beginning . My prayers for u is dat the most High God will continue to take u higher and higher in Jesus Name, Amen. Looking forward to Nov. Ist .

  18. The blog is really cool, and what you are doing in it doesn’t worth it to be closed down at this stage, since you started this blog in 2016 and kept it live till 2018 I don’t think shutting it down right now is the best option. Why not employ a helping hand to help you updates any important post needed here for your readers, at least it will save the time for you. Other than this I must commend you are doing a nice work here and I won’t be happy when next I visit and see that the blog has been shut down.

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