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My day to day routine

My Day To Day Routine

So what does the daily routine of a housewife look like? I have no idea. I can only speak for this lagoshousewife.

Most days I wake up 4am. Not by choice, purely by commitment. I wake to talk with God, hear from Him and generally have Father-daughter time.

Then I go online, check Instagram, facebook, pinterest, buzzfeed and flipboard for news and tatafo.
At 6am, I get up to cook breakfast and pack school lunch and snacks for the kids. At 7am, I wake my son. Between Le Hub and I, we get him fed, brushed, bathed, dressed and most times, hubby takes the kids to school. We have family prayers/blessings before everyone disperses.

I eat breakfast, then get to work – answer mails from customers/clients. Make any necessary calls, go online to update all our companies’ social media networks, write articles and blog posts. Sometimes I have time to chat and facebook while working, other times I don’t.

LagosHouseWife - BakingThen I go on to baking on days I take orders and answering inquiries. On days I don’t take orders, I bake, cook and freeze for my family. During this time, the TV is switched on to cooking channels and I keep one eye on it as I work.
Time moves fast and by 1:30pm, I get ready to go pick my son. Get his food ready and water for his shower. I pick him up by 2:00pm. My husband and I refused the extra one hour lesson for him, that’s why he closes earlier than his classmates.

Once he’s home, I shower for him, feed him and sit down with him to watch cartoon and gist about his day. My daughter returns at 3:00pm and they both wash their school uniforms in the washing machine then relax and play when it’s time for me to watch my cooking shows for an hour.

After this, it’s time to cook dinner. We eat dinner then move on to night brushing and bathing, family devotion and bedtime story. Kids go to bed. I go online and repeat my social media and news browsing till I fall asleep.

LagosHouseWife - Social MediaOf course there are days that I don’t feel like doing anything and hubby picks up the slack. He takes care of the children and I, cooks, and generally makes sure everything is done.

There are also days we both need time out so we buy/order in food, cuddle up and binge on movies and series. Go out with the kids and have fun.
Once in a while, I have to go out, meet with clients, business meetings, go shopping, honour s family/friend commitment etc.

During the holidays, no schedule. We move with the flow. I still wake up 4am most days, spend time with God then go back to bed with my phone and fall asleep again while browsing. Wake up when the kids do. Cook something easy for breakfast or defrost something from the freezer. I work while gisting, watching tv, cooking, baking etc. Generally multitasking.

And sometimes we travel to see Grandma and Grandpa and I get to sleep and wake up and do nothing, YAYYY!!!
Life is good!

Note: As we all know, a million and one things go on daily in every household that are not listed here. This is just a very basic outline of my own routine. We all do what works for us and adjust according to demand.


I'm a Woman. I'm a Wife. I'm a Mother. I'm a Foodie. I'm a Mompreneur. I'm a Christian.

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  1. Interesting schedule…wish we could trade places…
    I had shared my daily routine with the LHW whatsapp group so i cannot come and be repeating it here…*smiles* *tongue out*

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