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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Today, I ask us to think – why is the world so threatened by women? Why is society so afraid of women that they don’t want us to be great?
Every race, every nation, every generation has sought to put the woman down. We are told not to dream, not to speak, not to have ambitions, not to think, not to improve ourselves, to be obedient, docile, stay in the background, to downplay our successes, to be underachievers,not to challenge the status quo.
Nothing else scares the world as much as the rise of women, so they fight against it with all their might. They use every weapon available – traditional, religious, economic; including using our own strength against us – our ability to love with all our hearts and make sacrifices no one else can – so we sacrifice our very selves in an erroneous belief that if we are lesser, the world will be better. Not knowing that in our greatness lies the future of the world.
Everything you have been told that you should be – quiet, inferior, subdued, self effacing is directly responsible for why the world is so messed up today.

Do you want a better world for your children? Then you have to arise, own your greatness. Refuse to be what society says you should be. Shed those limitations and rise. There is no allotted ‘place’ for women. Your ‘place’ is anywhere you want, as many places as you want.
Look around you. All your years of being what the world has told you to be, has it made anything better? Is your life better? Your home better? Your children better? Your country better? Doesn’t that tell you the way you have been is not the right way? You can’t continue like this and think anything will change.
So, this International Women’s Day, say to yourself – I am a Woman. I am strong. I am unstoppable. I am life. I have no limitations. I stand for every woman. I own my greatness!
Now go out there and be different. Be You! Be The Woman!
Happy International Women’s Day, sisters!


I'm a Woman. I'm a Wife. I'm a Mother. I'm a Foodie. I'm a Mompreneur. I'm a Christian.

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