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The Last Supper (The End)

The Last Supper (The End)

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Time to eat, Mummy

The Last Supper EndAnother grim smile, then the gun moved slightly and this time the barrel came to rest, pointing squarely at his mother. With his hand unwavering, Jaiye sat down and looked for long moments at his mother. Despite the coolness of the central air-conditioning unit, huge drops of sweat were rolling down her face. Naked fear making her look haggard and old, two things Erelu Ojikutu had never been.

“You never stopped him. You saw what he was doing but you never stopped him. You are my mother, you were supposed to protect me, to love me but you didn’t. If anything, you were even colder than him. I cannot even recall ever getting a hug from you. You were obsessed with being such a perfect wife; you never gave a thought to being a mother. Do you remember what you told me the day I came to you brokenhearted because father had refused employing me in his company? You said he was making me a man and I should man up. Well, this is the man he made me; I hope you are happy with it, Mother! Eat.”

His mother did not put up a protest. With shaky hands, she picked up the spoon beside her plate and started eating. She ate more slowly than her husband, fighting not to choke on each spoonful but she soon finished the food and without waiting for Jaiye’s threatening gesture, picked up the chicken with her hand, another first for her, and ate that too.


Your turn, Sis

The Last Supper EndWonuola gave a loud shriek as the gun bore down on her. She gripped her husband’s hand on the table beside hers. Lawrence shifted slightly away, trying to avoid being a target incase Jaiye shot at her. He tried surreptitiously to take his hand back from her but it would take a whole lot more than sneaky tugging to be free from the deathly grip of her fingers and he didn’t want to draw Jaiye’s attention to himself so he stayed still and prayed silently that Jaiye’s grudge would be only against the Ojikutus and not him.

“My one and only sister! I didn’t start out hating you, you know. But you made it so incredibly easy to hate you. We could have been a team if not for your obsessive desire to be Otunba’s clone. You had to be the best in everything, for him; like him. You achieved it, only I don’t think Daddy dearest knew how you achieved it, does he? You fucked everyone you could, bribed those you couldn’t and blackmailed the ones you couldn’t bribe. I don’t hold that against you. God knows with a father like ours, you need all the weapons in your arsenal to get ahead. But did you have to gloat about your every shady success? Did you have to join him in making me feel a failure? Did you have to kick me when I was already down? You are exactly like him, you know. Otunba’s daughter in every way”

Wonuola shook her head pleadingly, denying the very thing she had worked for all her life. Looking into the barrel of the gun pointed at her, she would have given everything at that moment not to be like her father.

“Eat” Jaiye ordered her.

She fell eagerly on the food and ate as if her life depended on it. Beside her Lawrence thankfully pulled back his hand and shifted farther away from her.


RIP, Daddy Dearest

The Last Supper EndJust as Wonuola was polishing off the last grains of rice in her plate, her father suddenly gave a choking sound and, gripping his stomach fell across the arm of his chair. A loud groan issued from his mouth and he shoved back the chair as he attempted to get up. He didn’t quite make it but he fell heavily to the thickly carpeted floor where he proceeded to jerk and kick in obvious agony.

Every attention was on him now and his wife, forgetting the gun in Jaiye’s hand got up to kneel beside him. “He needs a doctor. It must be the broken glass in the food you made him eat. We have to get him to the hospital now” she started sobbing as she cradled her husband’s head in her laps and tried to still his trembling.

Seyi made to get up, intending to put his medical training into practice to save his father. A quiet but forceful “Sit down” from Jaiye had him subsiding back in his chair though his eyes didn’t leave his father’s bucking body on the plush Persian rug.

Wonuola’s gaze shifted from her father to her own empty plate as she tried to remember if she had eaten any broken shard with her food. Would she die like her father was dying? Her breath hitched in her throat.

“For heaven’s sake, Ja. . . . . . .” the look in Jaiye’s eyes stilled the remaining words in Adesuwa’s mouth and she retreated back into her chair.

“Jaiye, he is your father. Please let’s take him to a doctor. You cannot watch your father die. Just save him and you can sort this out later” his mother pleaded brokenly.


No hard feelings, Bro-in-law

The Last Supper EndJaiye’s expression did not change. Instead, his gaze moved from his father’s spasmodically jerking body to Lawrence and his lips curved in disgust as he watched his sister’s husband sag like a deflated balloon into the chair in fear.

Pitching his voice above his father’s ebbing groans and his mother’s rising sobs, he said “I don’t really have anything against you except you are so pathetic, you make my blood curdle. Is it because of money you have turned yourself into a spineless puppet for my father and sister? You abandoned your own parents after helping my father ruin them, then you sat and started feasting with the enemy. Your wife sleeps around on you, you don’t even know if your children are yours and you have no say in the company where you are the so-called Director of Finance. And you call yourself a man?! You are a worm. The lowest kind. God, you are more than pathetic. YOU DISGUST ME!”

Jaiye paused to get control of himself. When he spoke again, his voice had regained its toneless calm, “Eat”

Carefully watching each spoonful to be sure there were no broken pieces of glass in it, Lawrence ate.


Mummy joins Daddy

The Last Supper EndHe was halfway through with the meal when Erelu suddenly groaned and fell across her husband’s now prone body and started a grotesque dance made more horrifying by the soundless gasps emanating from her throat.

Wonuola stared down at her mother, a dawning realization crystallizing in her head. She looked down at her empty plate then raised horrified eyes to her brother. His placid gaze met hers and suddenly she knew. She jumped up from her chair and shoved her finger down her throat, trying to induce vomit. But it wouldn’t come. IT WOULDN’T COME!

In panic, she ran to her brother, “what have you done? What have you done?”

In a fluid move, Jaiye shoved her away and whoosh, the bullet sailed smoothly out and found its way to his sister’s shoulder, flinging her against the wall where she crashed and slid slowly down leaving a long smear of blood on the pristine wall from the exit wound.

She stared in disbelief at her brother through the spreading pain. Jaiye had gone mad.

Jaiye turned away from her and pointed the gun back at Lawrence, “Finish it”

Lawrence stared at his wife, and then returned to his meal. The next spoonful threatened to send the food already in his stomach back up but a glance at Jaiye’s finger on the trigger steadied the queasiness and he managed to finish the rice. But eating the chicken was an impossibility. He just could not swallow that past the lump in his throat.


My Dearly Beloved Faithless Wife

The Last Supper EndWhen the gun moved to Adesuwa, she raised her head to Jaiye and tears rolled down her face as she wondered what he could possibly have against her. She was not a part of the oppressive behavior of his family.

Jaiye smiled at her and reached out to touch her cheek with the muzzle of the gun. His smile widened as she flinched but there was no humor in it. “My darling wife! Fucking my brother and thinking I won’t find out”.

Adesuwa inhaled sharply. She raised shocked eyes to her husband’s face.

Jaiye chuckled, enjoying her reaction. “I’ve known for more than two years now. I suspected long before then but I needed proof so I had concealed cameras installed in the chandeliers all round the house. That was the reason I redecorated, to put the cameras in place. You had no idea. Your betrayal hurt at first but after I had time to get used to it and plan my revenge I started enjoying watching the two of you. I have to confess I even masturbated a few times to the sounds and sight. And it was far more enjoyable than doing it with you ever was. For that I’m grateful. But you have to understand I cannot let you go free for such betrayal. Eat”

His wife gripped the spoon in her hand so tightly, she drew blood from the points on her palm where her nails were digging in. “Jaiye, please. I’m sorry. . . . . think of the children . . . . . forgiv . . . .“ Her words petered out as the barrel of the gun came to rest on her temple. She ate.


You too, Bro

The Last Supper EndThe gun in the second hand moved and gently came to rest against Demola’s temple in much the same way it was resting on Adesuwa’s. “You can start eating now, Demola” was Jaiye’s gentle urging. “You know what you did. You betrayed our brotherhood. I took you from our father, protected you and gave you a home. You repaid me by shagging my wife. I know she seduced you and lured you, took advantage of your weakness but still . . . . . you have to pay for allowing yourself to be seduced. You are weak. And in this life there is no room for weakness. Eat, Demola”

Demola had never been a brave person and the feel of the cold metal against his head only served to turn him into an obedient robot. He picked up a spoon, not noticing it was the serving spoon and started eating.

As Adesuwa ate, she saw from the corner of her eyes her sister-in-law’s body start its own death dance just as her mother-in-law’s ended. Tears rolled down her eyes and mixed with the food in her mouth as she wondered how she had ended up like this. Her mother had never liked Jaiye but like the know-it-all, do-it-all she was, she had insisted on marrying him. Now she was going to die for it. It never occurred to Adesuwa to blame her infidelity for this. No, it was simply Jaiye. Other men divorce their wives for infidelity, Jaiye kills. A hysterical laughter bubbled up in her throat but died before it could escape.


The Innocent One

The Last Supper EndJaiye waited till both his brother and wife had finished eating before turning to Seyi, “You are probably the only innocent one in all these. Apart from having the love my father never gave me, you’ve done nothing wrong. But you are an Ojikutu, and a beloved Ojikutu for that matter so you must obviously have been tainted with the cursed blood. That alone is a death sentence. I’m doing you a favor this way. Eat”

But Seyi didn’t move. He couldn’t. He sat staring into the waiting darkness of the gun muzzle pointed at him. And in its midst he could see the dead body of his father, his mother, Sis and all the others. He could not hear what Jaiye was saying because he was lost in the images whirling before him. And threaded into the horror were the words running over and over in his mind, blocking out every other thing, running together till they jumbled up into one continuous stream, “I’m going to die. I’mgoing to die. I’mgoingto die. I’mgoingtodieimgoingtodie”

“EAT” Jaiye roared.

But Seyi could not hear him.


Final Words

The Last Supper EndJaiye stared at him for another moment then shrugged and lowered the gun. He sat down, picked up a napkin, spread it over his lap, took a fork and knife and started eating with neat precise movements, “Maybe you deserve to live after all”. Beside him, his wife jerked and pitched over backwards, gripping her stomach. He ignored her.

“I deserve to live too but I don’t want to. I’m tired of all the pressure. I’m tired of working and I’m tired of responsibilities. Everyone thinks this promotion is so great but it is simply more pressure on me. When I got the promotion, something just caved in me. That was when I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I have to quit the rat race but I cannot go it alone. I had to take all the . . . . . .” he made a gesture to indicate his family littered round the room, “I had to take them with me. I planned very well for this and I am so glad to see it succeed. I was a bit worried for a moment when the old man showed no effect at first. I’m not sure of the different poisons I used, I just added everything labeled dangerous to human and every do not consume I could find. I tell you, it worried me when nothing happened at first but then I thought, ‘I have the gun, don’t I? So I just decided to continue. And what do you know, old man goes belly up, hehehehehehe”

Jaiye took a cup, poured some wine and took a sip before he continued with his food, “the rice tastes good, doesn’t it?” he said to no one in particular, “the junks I added must have improved the taste. Its either that or I’m a damn good cook, hehehehehe”

Demola slid down and his legs kicked out involuntarily as the poison ate at him. Jaiye ignored that too, same as he had ignored Lawrence’ macabre death dance a moment earlier.

He finished eating, drained the wine in his cup and sat back with a contented sigh. He looked up, “Seyi. Seyi. SEYI!”. No answer. He got up, walked over to his brother and gave a ringing slap that snapped the boy out of the hole his mind had gone to.

Seyi jumped out of his seat and looked wildly around. Jaiye’s hand came heavily down on his shoulder and pressed him back into the chair. Conscious of his surroundings once more, Seyi looked at the destruction round him and started to shake, the tears finally rolling down. He stared up at the brother who had always been little more than a stranger to him. Jaiye returned to his seat and smiled at his baby brother, “How is medical school?”

Seyi opened his mouth, trying to get an answer past his dry throat, afraid of what this stranger before him would do to him if he didn’t answer.

He needn’t have bothered, Jaiye did not wait for an answer, “I’ve never actually thought of being a doctor. It never occurred to me. Maybe I would have been a good doctor. Maybe not. Who knows?” he ruminated.

Seyi sat as still as possible, trying not to call attention to himself, trying not to notice as Demola’s struggles eased and quietened in death.

“What part of medicine do you want to specialize in?” Jaiye asked him, this time wanting an answer.

“Car . . .cardio . . diology” Seyi stammered out the word successfully.

“That’s good. Very good. I like that.” Jaiye nodded vigorously, “it’s a good field. I’m sure you wiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII . . . . . . . . . .” the word turned into a scream as Jaiye gripped his stomach and howled.

“Sonofabitch! SONOFABITCH! I didn’t know it would hurt this much” he gasped as he fell on his knees.

Then he threw back his head and laughed even as the pain snaked from his stomach to his throat, “th . . this is wha…..what they all en. . . . .endured” he gasped through gritted teeth. “Good. . . . . . Good for the motherfuckers. . . . . “

He looked at Seyi through pain slitted eyes; “It’s up to you now” he smiled and gave himself up to the pain.



The Last Supper EndFrozen in his seat, incapable of movement, Semi stared at his brother writhing on the floor. It seemed to last forever but finally it was all over.

There was a buzzing in his ears, a loud humming noise. Seyi wanted it to stop but it didn’t stop. It went on and on in a forever rising tide. He sat there not realizing the sound was from him; not knowing his mouth was open in an endless scream.




I’ve never stopped wondering what happened to Seyi after this horrific end to his entire family by one of their own. Maybe it’s time I write his story . . . .



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