How would you like to hangout with me on Instagram Cooking Hangout for a whole month?

Yes, it’s a Cooking Class, but with a huge difference.
I’m going to teach you how to cook 20 different meals with video classes and you will also be given a recipe e-book of the meals
These recipes are different from the norm but with regular easy to get ingredients. They are specifically to upgrade your cooking and meals.
However, that’s only one aspect of the hangout.

I’m going to open up my kitchen to you:

  •  Show you how I meal prep
  • The spices I use and how I mix them
  • what I stock in my pantry (erm . . . na cupboard be my own sha)
  • You get to see inside my freezer and fridge to know what I always have handy
  • Learn how to cook in bulk and use leftovers
  • How to creatively combine leftovers
  • See my kitchen helpers (gadgets/utensils I use) and know where I buy them
  • Connect, watch and ask questions on Instagram live
  • And you know me, there will always be bonus recipes
  • Plus, lots of giveaway goodies

The hangout starts on the 7th of August and runs till the 3rd of September 2017

  • Every weekday, we tackle a new recipe
  • On Saturdays, we learn meal prepping, creating and tweaking leftover recipes, kitchen gadgets, stocking the pantry and freezers etc
  • On Sundays, we go on Instagram live where you get to type in your questions and I answer

The One Month Hangout costs N10,000 and will take place on a private Instagram account.
Payment starts now and closes on the 6th of August.

Let me explain exactly how it works:

  • You will be given a recipe e-book of the meals we will learn. It is yours forever and ever, Amen!
  • The video recipes will be put up as Instagram posts. Thanks to the multiple posting option, we will have them as video slides. This means anytime you come online, you will be able to watch and see the videos as many times as you want, and comment or ask questions. I will always answer!

They are regular Instagram posts.

  • There will also be plenty of picture posts, of recipes, of kitchen gadgets, of dishes, of bonus recipes, of my pantry, spices, leftovers, freezers etc. These will also be on, just like the videos, throughout the training for you to watch as often as you want, at your own time. You can comment and ask questions anytime.
  • Instagram Live will be at scheduled times on Sundays and will basically be an interactive session for us to discuss whatever you want. No holds barred. You can ask me (or my twin sister for all ye bad shudren) anything! Our very own ‘tete a tete’. I mean it when I say you are ‘hanging out with me’.
  • The Cooking Hangout itself is a one month thing but the Hangout Account will be left up for another month afterwards so you will still have extra 30days access to all the video and picture recipes there.
  • Lots and lots of giveaways happening. It’s not only cooking you will upgrade o. You have to upgrade your kitchen gadgets and utensils too.
  • You get to tell me about the leftovers you have and I’ll brainstorm ideas for you on how to make use of them. No food must waste

All that for N10,000.
Payment starts now and closes 6th of August
Hangout kicks off on the 7th of August and runs till 3rd of September.
Take advantage of this now. The next Hangout will not be this price anymore.

Make Payment to:




And send me a message on @lagoshousewife on Instagram

August should come fast jare, I’m so excited to get this rolling! 💃💃💃

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