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For Love, For Happiness, For Pleasure

For Love, For Happiness, For Pleasure

A lady sent me a DM on Instagram, asking how much I charge for home catering. I replied with apologies that I am not a caterer. I’m just a foodie who loves cooking for her family. She was shocked and exclaimed that all my food pictures are just home cooking? I said yes. She said I was wasting my talent. That I can be making a lot of money from cooking.

She’s right. To an extent. I’m an entrepreneur so I understand how important it is to make money from what you love doing. It makes working worth it. But she was wrong thinking I’m wasting my talent by not using it to make money.

In this rat race world of struggling to make ends meet, with entrepreneurship being the reigning thing and motivational speakers hammering in our heads that we should make our passion our career, it’s easy to start putting a price tag on everything. It’s easy to forget there are things we should do just for the pleasure it gives us, not because of how much we can make from it.

The sheer joy I get from the act of cooking and baking, even just flipping through food pictures, videos and recipes is something no amount of money can give me. The joy and pride I feel seeing my family eat and enjoy the meals I make is priceless. I love sharing my food pictures and recipes, meeting and following fellow foodies, discussing foods. How can there be waste in something that brings me and my loved ones such happiness? Not even remotely possible.

I remember GTB asking on a post – if you were a billionaire with no need to work, what would you be doing instead? My response was – same thing I’m doing right now – sharing Jesus, cooking, baking, reading, writing, founding start ups with my husband and taking care of my family. No difference, except more giving.

I love my life. I can do with more money [Yes, Lord!] but the truth is I already have the important things money cannot buy.

Does that mean I will not ‘monetize my talent’? I will. I am. I bake cakes for sale, take cake orders. And I’m looking forward to when I can run cooking and baking classes. And maybe write a few cookbooks. I also hope I can make money from blogging one of these days. No catering plans though, I’m too lazy for that. Caterers are super heroes. I ‘fitn’t’! However, I’m very careful not to lose the pleasure I get from these talents while trying to make money from them. I turn down cake orders now and then when I feel myself heading to a stress burn out. No money is worth my happiness.

So my message to entrepreneurs everywhere – happiness is your first and most important success. And you cannot put a price on it.

As you go about your daily hustles, don’t forget there are some things you should do, not for money, but for love, for happiness, and for pleasure. And when you find those things, hold tight to them. Do not lose them.


I'm a Woman. I'm a Wife. I'm a Mother. I'm a Foodie. I'm a Mompreneur. I'm a Christian.

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