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Madam President

Madam President

Let me tell you something you all don’t know yet – Come 2019, I will become the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Yep! Your very own first Madam President!
Don’t believe me? Let me explain:

Sometime last year, my husband and I were taking a walk when we were stopped by a ‘Prophet’. This particular one was dressed quite spiffy in a nice shirt, well tucked into a pair of trousers. Not like all those hungry looking sweaty ones. Infact I first thought he was about to ask for directions.

My first experience with ‘vision prophecy’ was when I just graduated from the university. I was awaiting call up so I had time on my hands and decided to holiday with a family friend in Lagos. There was a female prophet around with them the same time I was so I was subjected to a lot of vision and prayer advice. One in particular stood out.

A day before I was to leave, she had a vision that on my journey back to Ilorin, I would sit beside my future husband in the bus. Well, here’s the thing – I told, okay I lied to everyone I was returning to Ilorin, but actually I had booked a luxurious bus ticket to Abuja to go spend a few days with my then boyfriend (I hope my mum is not reading this)
Why the vision did not reveal my lie to her, I do not understand. But I did sit beside a pregnant woman in the bus to Abuja. For all I know, she was probably pregnant with my husband then. I know, I know, the years don’t add up, but hey, God’s ways are beyond our understanding, shey? Yinmu (Sorry, God. Couldn’t resist. But you know the Yinmu is not at you, ba? Tenkiu!)

Second experience was after I got married. I was pregnant with my son then but wasn’t showing yet. Cannot remember where I was going when I was accosted by this barefoot, white garmented bell-wielding ———– (not a complimentary word) He rang his bell in my face and declared he can see me with an American visa.
I was in my first trimester, battling so called morning [HA!] sickness that went on all day and all night. I was crankier than a starving bear so I let loose and ripped into him. I can’t remember all I said but by the time I stormed away, his bell wasn’t ringing anymore. It was a great service to the neighbourhood. You’re welcome!
Then this well dressed prophet from last year. Who says prophets are not keeping up with the times?
Anyway, he stopped us and started a ‘do you pray? I see a desperate need for fasting and prayer around you ‘ spiel.
We thanked him and moved on.
After a few steps, he called me back. Yes, only me. The message was for me and only me. No husband needed.
His first message was ‘this man you are with is not your husband’
Hello! Tell me something I don’t know. I’ve been telling everyone since day 1, I’m supposed to be married to Brad Pitt. But does anybody listen to me???? Thank you, Prophet for understanding. Finally! Someone gets it.
He also said I’m supposed to be the president of this country!
Hold my breathe
And that was how this wonderful Godsent prophet redeemed my perception of Nigerian prophets.
Even if for nothing, how many prophets do you know who will see a woman as a president, not as a first lady? I guess it takes a twenty first century corporate prophet.
As my friend will say – he’s the bees knees!

bradSo come 2019, y’all know who to vote for. Though in my case, votes don’t really matter. It’s been foretold in the prophecy that went forth about me. Nothing anyone can do about that.

Don’t ask me to give you his contacts o. He’s my very own personal prophet. I’m hoarding him for my own prophecies. No sharing!
Now to decide who gets to be my First Man *calling Brad*


I'm a Woman. I'm a Wife. I'm a Mother. I'm a Foodie. I'm a Mompreneur. I'm a Christian.

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