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My multipurpose jollof sauce

My Multipurpose Jollof Sauce

There is something that is always available in my freezer. I’m never without it. It’s what I call Multipurpose Jollof Sauce.
Jollof Sauce is simply the blended and cooked peppers mix used to make jollof rice. But because my jollof sauce is so yummilicious, I often use it in other foods – beans, yam porridge, egg sauce, minced meat sauce, efo riro, stew, etc and just now – chickpeas and sweet potato curry, hence the ‘multipurpose’ tag. So, whenever I want to make jollof rice, I always blend a large quantity so I can have enough leftover to freeze. I make jollof rice a lot because it’s my son’s favourite food so it all works out! (how many SOs have I written so far?)

I shared this recipe on Facebook and Instagram a while back, here it is again.

Step by Step:


Red bell pepper, scotch bonnet pepper, ginger, garlic and onions. Blend everything together.


3 dry bay leaves, 1 teaspoon of nutmeg, tomato paste, 1 tablespoons each of salt, seasoning cubes, curry and thyme. In this picture I used kitchen glory beef seasoning powder in the small sachet package. Feel free to use and add any seasoning you want. I often add white pepper now.


Goatmeat with skin and bone. (use any meat or poultry you prefer. I use different ones at different times or even a mix)



Add the spices to the blended pepper mix (minus the bay leaves)


Mix all together


Pour the mix over the goatmeat


Put in the fridge to marinate for at least 6 hours (I leave overnight)


After marinating, transfer the goatmeat and pepper marinade into a pot.


Add water and cook over medium heat till the meat is soft and the pepper reduced. You might need to add more water during cooking if the pepper reduces before the meat is fully cooked.


When the meat is cooked, remove them from the pepper mix, making sure to drain any excess back into the pot. You can go ahead and fry, grill or use the meat like that for the jollof or whatever you want or even freeze for later. The meat is your oyster (I’m so witty)


This is the reduced pepper


Add the tomato paste to the reduced pepper. Don’t just add all at once. Add bit by bit, tasting after each addition to avoid ‘over-tomatoing’ it. I add, mix, taste, add some more, mix, taste etc till I’m satisfied.


That is my basic multipurpose jollof sauce.

A few variations:

  • don’t add tomato paste to the sauce at the end. Just seperate the one you will freeze and add tomato paste only to the remaining you will use for jollof rice
  • blend tomatoes with the peppers
  • blend green pepper with the peppers
  • try different spices and herbs, be creative and adventurous!

Or you can even use your own jollof sauce mix if you prefer. Simply make extra and keep.

Be like me, err . . . actually, don’t! Don’t be like me, but – Always have Jollof sauce available! You will thank me. If for nothing else, it will shorten your jollof rice making process.


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