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Sights And sounds from Mamalette Live 2017

Sights And Sounds From Mamalette Live 2017
We had an amazing time at Mamalette Live 2017
Our session – Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition for New Mothers was fun, informative and educative with the Panel Discussion led by:
– And I acted as the moderator
Beyond all we learned, I realized for a country that prides itself as Baby Friendly, the Nigerian Government offers virtually no support for working nursing mothers in both the public and private sectors.
No room or space is provided for pumping in offices.
No nursery in offices for babies to be during working hours.
There is no law that makes it mandatory for employers to support nursing mothers.
To say I’m appalled is an understatement.
This is something we need to do something about.
What can we do? How do we go about it?
If you feel as passionately as I do about this, please reach out to me –
Together, I believe we can make these changes happen.
Thank you.




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