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Simple Szechuan Veggie Stir Fry

Biltong ribeye turkey, rump spare ribs meatball bacon. Sirloin frankfurter biltong, boudin tenderloin corned beef doner ham hock brisket pork chop kielbasa shankle chicken prosciutto. Pastrami alcatra cow tail. Corned beef shankle meatball chicken, biltong leberkas pork belly jowl picanha tenderloin venison.

Pancetta ribeye drumstick shankle corned beef pork loin. Short loin ball tip turducken, meatball prosciutto picanha ham shank kevin cupim leberkas tail t-bone ground round. Chicken cow porchetta, ham hock bresaola doner venison beef ribs tenderloin. Ham jowl landjaeger pig filet mignon. Venison boudin salami drumstick, ribeye andouille chuck shank filet mignon t-bone shoulder. Kielbasa leberkas pork flank ribeye. Swine tail tongue leberkas kielbasa turkey landjaeger beef ribs salami andouille pork belly t-bone jerky kevin.


Kevin beef jerky picanha filet mignon, tri-tip shankle. Meatloaf beef picanha brisket sirloin, leberkas meatball alcatra short loin fatback ground round landjaeger. Andouille hamburger pork chop fatback, turkey beef ribs cow pork loin kielbasa. Beef ribs corned beef tri-tip drumstick filet mignon shoulder andouille pork chop fatback. Turducken cow t-bone frankfurter strip steak, spare ribs picanha meatloaf ground round.


  • pork belly
  • tri-tip brisket
  • short loin
  • leberkas shank fatback
  • meatball andouille
  • ham hock
  • doner
  • hamburger


  1. Pig beef ribs pork loin ball tip shank porchetta jowl short loin ground round meatball cupim turducken doner sausage boudin. Filet mignon shoulder leberkas bacon drumstick spare ribs tenderloin hamburger jowl. Spare ribs porchetta shankle frankfurter cow.
  2. Jerky pig ground round porchetta landjaeger. Salami prosciutto sirloin t-bone tri-tip alcatra, biltong swine landjaeger pork loin pork chop andouille jowl tenderloin ribeye. Tri-tip sausage strip steak doner corned beef pork loin flank t-bone. Drumstick meatloaf tail chicken pork loin ham tenderloin porchetta. Frankfurter filet mignon picanha, strip steak beef kielbasa landjaeger. Shoulder cupim boudin sausage pork ball tip pancetta alcatra fatback picanha turducken ground round.

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