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Small Businesses doing Great things

Small Businesses Doing Great Things

Small Businesses I Follow that are doing Great things

As a business person, I’m always on the lookout for small businesses that stand out, business that are innovative, business that address and meet certain specific needs and small businesses with great customer care. Let’s just say businesses that impress me with their impacts.

And there are quite a lot of small businesses like that around these days. This is after all, a booming era for Nigeria’s entrepreneurs, especially for those looking within the county for inspiration.

Today I will talk about five of such small businesses that are specifically of particular benefits to wives and mothers.

In no particular order, here are:

Five Nigerian Small but Mighty Businesses I keep an eye on

Lagos House Wife Small Businesses I followZadobkiddies – They sell kiddies’ products. Fairly used, barely used, unused and brand new at very affordable rates. But they go a step further by giving mothers the opportunity to sell their children’s things that fall in the above categories, directly on their website. What this means is you can take pictures of things you want to sell and upload to the website with your asking price. Of course they retain the right to approve your upload or not based on their quality checks and rules. And they will also advise you on appropriate pricing.

It’s an amazing way to offload all those children things we don’t use anymore (or never even used, like my sterilizer) and make a little extra money from it. It’s also a great opportunity for mothers to buy some other needed things for their children at much cheaper prices.

Go check out their website –

Lagos House Wife Small Businesses I followTobibaby Carriers – I remember when I first heard of slings and carriers and pouches etc (no, not the normal stiff unwieldy carriers of those days) I immediately started calculating exchange rate and cost of buying and shipping down to Nigeria. Only for me to bump into this company on Instagram. I danced a foxtrot in joy. And to prove the extent of my joy, I have no idea how to foxtrot!

What do they do? They make baby carriers, those soft lovely new ones. And they make them with Ankara! Too beautiful! You can buy or order for a custom made one.

They also make breastfeeding covers, even though I don’t agree with using them. Breastfeeding is natural and beautiful and should not be hidden like a shameful thing. Plus why cover babies’ heads when eating??? Strictly my opinion though, so if you want, they have really awesome ones.

Enough talk, head over to their website –

Lagos House Wife Small Businesses I followIcarella – This business is something we are desperately in need of in this country. They are childcare service providers, providing trained nannies and childcare personnels for families, schools and organizations. Their nannies are fully screened with their information checked and confirmed.

But the service I really want to focus on here is – They offer childcare training for nannies! Yes, they will train the nannies you employ yourself.  You all know how many of us leave our children in care of maids and nannies who are totally clueless on how to take care of them. Infact, the only way they know to handle any emergency (God forbid! Yeah, I know) is to ‘call madam’.

You can also have them screen your nannies. With the increasing rates of kidnappings by nannies, this is fast becoming a necessity.

The trainings they offer cover almost everything in caring for a child and multiple children. I won’t be surprised if they even train in child birth sef (tongueout emoji)

I know some of you will say “I will now use my money to train the nanny and she will leave. How many nannies will I train?” Do you prefer the alternative – leaving your children in the care of someone who doesn’t know how to care for them?

We parents also need this training. Remember we are our children’s first caretakers. No knowledge is ever wasted. Please register yourselves and your nannies with them. For the sake of our innocent cuties. Please.

Lagos House Wife Small Businesses I followSupermart – See all those yummy foods on my Instagram account and on the recipes here? Supermart makes it all possible. I love shopping, but I don’t like having to go out to go shopping. Online shopping gives me the shopping satisfaction without the shopping wahalla.

When it comes to food online shopping, supermart is a foodie’s heaven. They have both foreign and homegrown food products.  A very wide range with lots and lots of options from various manufacturers. I’m often lost for choice. You now know where I get all those my spices and herbs and aromatics and cheeses etcetera etcetera etcetera. To get the amount of options they offer, you will spend your time going from one supermarket to another. Spare yourself that hassle in this our traffic choked Lagos. The less time I spend wandering around to shop, the more time I have in my kitchen to create awesome meals.

And what I love even more about them? Their customer service. They will always contact you about your orders. If there’s anything out of stock, they will offer you alternatives. I’ve always accepted such alternatives and I’ve never regretted it. And for promptness? I’ve never been disappointed. They always come during the time block you choose. First time I ever ordered from them I chose a 6am to 9am Sunday morning time slot. They were at my gate at 7am. I was shocked. I answered them in my jammies because I was still in bed, never expecting they would keep to time. I don’t make that mistake again.

Check to understand exactly why I’m raving this much about them.

And as a first time user, use RAYO coupon code to get a N2,000 discount on your orders from N7,999 and above. Say ‘thank you’ *beaming*

Lagos House Wife Small Businesses I followAugust Secrets – I’ve written briefly about this particular business before here, but I have to mention it again. Founded by Toyin Onigbanjo due to her experience as mom to a picky eater, August Secrets is about getting our children to eat well, eat healthy, eat affordably. She gives simple and healthy kids’ recipes and also sells babies, toddlers and children high quality food products and ingredients carefully prepared and packaged under the highest quality standards. Be warned though – they are in high demand so you will have to preorder.

She has a facebook group – Easy Healthy Kids and Family Meals – by AS where she shares recipes and answers questions about children’s nutrition and meals. On her Instagram @augustsecrets_toyin, you can see recipes, feeding and food tips and DM her for orders.

All of you who struggle with what to feed your children, what to put in their school lunch packs, how to balance and diversify their meals, start following her.

Her website is already up but she is posting up recipes before she makes it public. I’ll update this post to reflect that once it is done.

This is not a sponsored post, neither was I contracted to write it. I’ve never met any of the entrepreneurs who started the businesses above in person and apart from Toyin, I don’t even know the faces behind them. But I appreciate creativity, innovation, perseverance and service. And  these businesses have all those and more.

Also, you reading this might need their services, all I’ve done is to bring the information to you. And if this spurs you on to do something about that idea that has been lingering in your mind, then my job is done. I look forward to writing about yours one day soon.


I'm a Woman. I'm a Wife. I'm a Mother. I'm a Foodie. I'm a Mompreneur. I'm a Christian.

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