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My Passion

My Passion - My husband and I sometimes play these online games of 'how well do you know your spouse' where you ask each other questions about yourselves. Eg I ask him what is my favourite colour, he asks me what is his favourite food. The questions often get much deeper than that though, delving into childhood traumas, unfulfilled dreams, secret yearnings, personal fantasies, long-term visions etc. It helps couples get really intimate with each other. Anyway. This particular day…

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Lagos House Wife - God And I

God and I (Part 1)

The God and I that I'm talking about is not the whole 3 in 1 Godhead here. I'm talking specifically about the Big Boss of them all - God the Father. And that is who He is to me - My Father! We have the full range of father-daughter relationship from babyhood to my current stage of 'hopefully past adolescence', now in early adulthood. I like to think I'm an adult in my physical life. As a wife and mother…

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