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The path to motherhood

The path to motherhood was not an easy one for me. It still isn't. For two years, I battled to conceive. Apart from one malfunctioning tube there was no reason I shouldn't conceive, but I just didn't. Actually when I wasn't trying to conceive, I did. Then I miscarried at 9weeks. After that we tried and tried but it just didn't happen. My husband was my human rock. If he ever doubted we would be parents, he never showed it.…

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It’s Official, I’m My Mother!

Example 1: My 3year old son is in the sitting room, watching Disney Junior. I'm in the room, lying on the bed. I call him. Me: Andrew, come. He comes running. Me: Bring my phone. It's there on the table. (I point to the drawer in the room) He checks. Can't find it. Me: Check very well. It's there. He looks round the table again. Still can't find it. Me: Go and bring Daddy's phone in the sitting room. He…

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