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The Last Supper (The End)

Read the last supper part 1 And the last supper part 2   Time to eat, Mummy Another grim smile, then the gun moved slightly and this time the barrel came to rest, pointing squarely at his mother. With his hand unwavering, Jaiye sat down and looked for long moments at his mother. Despite the coolness of the central air-conditioning unit, huge drops of sweat were rolling down her face. Naked fear making her look haggard and old, two things…

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The Last Supper (Part 2)

This is the second part of The Last Supper continued from previous post. Jaiye, the 'çook' Putting the two trays down, Jaiye hurried back into the kitchen for the remaining trays. Earlier that day, he had given all the servants the day off, insisting he wanted only family around for the dinner. He had cooked the food all by himself, a fact that amazed his wife who had no idea he could even cook. Actually, he couldn’t, but with the…

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The Last Supper (Part 1)

I wrote this story - The Last Supper - a few years back, under a pseudonym. I'm sure it has popped up online here and there since then. I'm sharing it again here. It's in parts because it's a bit long. I hope you enjoy it enough to follow! _____________________________________________________________________ A Family Dinner The whole family was here to celebrate Jaiye’s promotion. At the age of 42, he had become the youngest and the first black CEO of PRITON GAS…

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