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The Last Supper (Part 1)

I wrote this story - The Last Supper - a few years back, under a pseudonym. I'm sure it has popped up online here and there since then. I'm sharing it again here. It's in parts because it's a bit long. I hope you enjoy it enough to follow! _____________________________________________________________________ A Family Dinner The whole family was here to celebrate Jaiye’s promotion. At the age of 42, he had become the youngest and the first black CEO of PRITON GAS…

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The Seven Sons Of Sceva

“So this is the man Paul”, I whisper quietly to myself. But as quiet as I think I am, my whisper still does not escape my eldest brother's ears. “Yes, indeed it is” he replies heartily then reaches out a hand and drags me by the back of my neck to his front. I do not like the treatment but I have to say I am grateful to be in front of the crowd and not have to stand on…

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