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The Story of Easter

The Story Of Easter

The story of Easter began from the beginning when God created the world and humans. He made everything beautiful and true and and joyful and real and righteous. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil existed and God did not hide it because it is not in His nature to keep us in ignorance. He told Adam about it from the very beginning – what it was and what it could do.

Satan existed and could roam everywhere but he was no threat to Adam and Eve; he could do them no harm because he had no right or authority over them. They were the rulers of the earth. they had the C of O of the world, given to them by God with a proviso – they were one with God, co-dependants on each other.

Then Satan convinced Eve to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil and she in turn convinced Adam and so, the C of O was inadvertently handed over to Satan. By eating the fruit, the first sin entered the world – the sin of disobedience. The father of sin is Satan – go figure.

Hello, World – there’s a new Sherriff in town and he is nothing like the God that created you. He is bad, evil, wicked, everything mean and unrighteous. Immediately the rules of the game changed.

Satan immediately instituted new rules – Death. Sickness. Diseases. War. Pain. Hate. Sorrow. Darkness. He was a king on a mission – to pervert all God had made. To make God suffer by destroying the works of His hands, especially the humans God had made in His  own image with so much love and care. Satan had the power and he had the right now.

But a loving God, our Father could not just live us to the whims and caprices of Satan. You think the only expression of His love is Jesus? No, that was the ultimate expression but not the only. Long before Jesus came, God got down in the mud with Satan because of us. He played by the devil’s rules so as not to leave us defenseless. Satan brought war, he raised his own armies, God joined His strength to His own armies and gave them the victory.

God didn’t want wars or bloodshed or death or pain. But He is a God who cannot subvert authority. Satan had the legal authority to do whatever he wants and God cannot challenge that. All He could do was help His people to fight and survive in a world that had gone mad and was the opposite of all He created it to be.

But that was only a temporary plan. Jesus was the permanent solution.The sacrifice that could provide atonement and give man the power to challenge Satan and take back our authority. Everything God did was to forge the path to that eternal solution.

So, Jesus came.

Satan didn’t know exactly what Jesus came to do, but knowing Jesus, he knew whatever it was, it had to do with liberating US. He knows how much God loves us. So he tried to get Jesus out of the game by getting Him killed, and because Satan is still King of the World, God sent Jesus and His parents into hiding for His protection. Infact, Jesus spent quite a bit of His adult life avoiding being killed before His time. Many times, he would sneak away from the Pharisees when they were in a rage or avoid certain areas where his safety could be compromised. He was on a mission, his death had to be a certain way and at a certain time, he did everything to prevent Satan from thwarting that and rendering His whole coming a waste.

Satan even tried to get Jesus to bow down to Him which would have effectively put Jesus under his authority like us. Imagine a king going to war to free his people and ending up being captured? That is the end of that kingdom! Thank God, Jesus was made of more disciplined stuff.

Anyway, the time came for Jesus to die, Satan was gleeful, thinking he had finally succeeded. Imagine his horror when Jesus breathed His last and he saw a highway suddenly open up between God and Humans. At that point, he suddenly understood – God had found a way, an eternal way to restore us.

Jesus did not just die, He went down into the depths to wrestle with Satan and defeat him totally. Then He rose in all victory and returned as Crowned King to Heaven and was honoured by God with His name becoming the greatest Name in all creation and uncreation – JESUS!
The Story of EasterHowever, God knows we will need help to use the power of Jesus  He has made available to us, so He sent down the Holy Spirit to live in us and teach us, guide us, help us to stand against Satan

Satan is still the king of the World, simply because we have not collected back our C of O from him. But he is a defeated  and humiliated king sitting on a throne that is falling all around him. His days are numbered and he knows it. And he knows how he will end up – in hell. He has always hated God, but now with his defeat and our escape option, he has even more reason to loathe Him. He cannot get to God, but his hatred has a target in us, who are so loved and cherished by God. Through us, he can get to God. And since we live in his kingdom, it is easy for him. His plan – what better way to hurt God than to take humans created in His image and beloved by Him to the same Hell God created for Satan and his demons? It is a masterstroke.

You really have to give it to the devil. He’s good at what he does – lies and deceit!

He will lie to you that he doesn’t exist

Lie that he is no threat.

Lie that he is all powerful

Lie that God is responsible for hate and wars and killing

Lie that God doesn’t exist

Lie that God hates you

Lie that God is powerless

Lie that God is all powerful, yet cannot help you

Lie that how can a supposedly good God send you to hell

Lie that heaven and hell doesn’t exist

Lie that all you need is religion

Lie, twisting God’s own Words

Lie that God and Jesus are like fallen men

Lie using your pastors, preachers, parents, spouses, friends etc as Jesus’ standard

Whatever it takes, however he can, he will lie, and lie, and lie.  Just so you won’t walk through that Jesus pathway to God and be free of him

Just so he can kill you outside Jesus

Just so he can take you with him to hell

Just so he can separate you from God

Just so he can use you to hurt God

To him, you are just a pawn

To God, you are everything

But God cannot force Himself on you. That will make Him a tyrant, no different from Satan.

All He can do is leave that Jesus pathway open for as long as possible and plead with you to come in.

The choice is 100% yours.

This is another Easter.

Satan is still lying.

The Jesus pathway is still open.

God is still pleading.

The Holy Spirit is waiting.

You are still here.

You can still choose.


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