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January 3, 2019

2018 is done and dusted!
I sure have mixed feelings about the just concluded year.
I had challenges that taxed me spiritually and physically.
Battles on every side, raging relentlessly.
My health was not exempted.
Many times I felt overwhelmed and beaten.
But I also had first hand experience of what it meant for God to be with me even as I walked through the valley of the shadow of death.
I lived God’s faithfulness.
And I grew spiritually!

So I cannot say it was not a good year, but I was more than ready for some rest.
Enough of the battles o.

God, as always, was waaaaay ahead of me in that.

You all know I’m a member of the most awesome gathering of Christian women on Facebook – Thy Precious Jewels.
If you are not a member, do yourself the greatest blessing this year and join.
Your life, marriage, home, children, business and career will never be the same again.
I can guarantee you that.

Last week on the group, I saw the post announcing God’s word for us for 2019 – MY SEASON OF EASE!

Hey, Father!
My spirit jumped within me and connected mightily with the Holy Spirit!
I immediately knew it was God’s message for me.
My wonderful, wonderful, loving, amazing Father was promising me rest from all the fights and battles of 2018.
He knew I needed a breather, and here He was, giving me His ease.

What manner of love!

I didn’t know when I burst into tears.
I wept in relief.
I wept in awe.
I wept in love.
I wept in expectation.
I wept in joy.

I immediately set my alarm for the 8pm, December 30th prayer time.
And on that day, I prayed along with all my heart for that Season of Ease God had promised me.
As we were rounding up the prayers, God spoke to me – “I am your shepherd, you will not want”

Just like that, my ABBA confirmed His covenant of Ease with me.

But He wasn’t done with me o.
At all. At all.

On New Year’s eve, we joined the online streaming of the crossover service of my brother’s church – Fragrance of Life, Abuja – and as the Prophecy for 2019 was announced, God gave me another covenant – MY YEAR OF BIG THINGS!

Hey, God!
What have I done to deserve such favour???
Only me – A Year of Ease with God as my Shepherd, supplying me with big things!!!

The world doesn’t know what is about to hit it!
LagosHouseWife is arriving on the scene.
Let the nations stand at attention.

I arise and shine.
The glory of the LORD is risen upon me!
Nations will be covered by darkness
But on me the light of the LORD will rise with healing in His wings.
The brightness of His presence will be upon me.
Nations will be drawn to my light, And kings to the dawn of my rising.
Isaiah 60:1‭-‬3

So you see, this year 2019 is for me.
God has given it to me as a gift of His love and grace.
I’m unstoppable!

What of you?
What is God’s word to you for this year?


I'm a Woman. I'm a Wife. I'm a Mother. I'm a Foodie. I'm a Mompreneur. I'm a Christian.

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  1. Thanks for this and your post on Instagram yesyerday. It got me thinking, I mean really thinking. God bless you and blow your mind even more this 2019.

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