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What I Want To Achieve With This Blog

What I Want To Achieve With This Blog

Let me share a chat with you that explains clearly what I want to achieve with this blog.
This chat is between my second brother and I.
Me: Have you checked my blog?

Him: I’ve not o. I’m there now
The articles are good.

Me: Thanks
I just want it to be a simple way of telling people the gospel without being too preachy
Teaching about God from a personal perspective

Him: Yes, it gave me a very visual and funny perspective of the stories

Me: Lol
I want to show that faith in God is very simple. Not the complex, complicated stuff people make it out to be. He’s a friend we should get to know, a friend we can gist and talk to

Him: Yeah, its like that
Are all the posts about faith?
I’ve not read all

Me: Almost everything is
The whole blog will be about how a lagoshousewife with faith in God lives her daily life and challenges and how she grows and evolves in faith and family
So people can see God in an ordinary everyday life

Him: That would be very good
So people don’t divide life into Godlife and secular life

Me: Exactly!
And so they can know God is not only present in a pastor’s life but in everyone’s life

Him: We can all know Him personally. That God has no grandkids

Me: Yes!
I’ve come across too many people who think faith in God is rocket science, that prayer is this huge elaborate thing. Thinking we need to be like the apostles for God to know us
I don’t know if its because of all these pastors manipulating people, but too many people don’t know they can have a one on one relationship with God
They don’t know they can speak to and hear him
They think they have to become a great holy individual to reach God
The bible is complex and hard to understand for them.
It bothers me

Him: Lol.
That’s very true
And many pastors love to keep people thinking that way

Me: Not everyone will attain that apostolic stature. But everyone can and should have Jesus as a friend
We all should have him in our day to day lives
No one should ever have to walk alone.
Not when Jesus is there

Him: He lives in them whether they know it or not, he hears them even when they are not talking to him. They might as well just talk to Him

Me: Exactly!
Even this chat sef I will post it up.

So, you see. This right here explains perfectly why I’m doing this. (And the fact that I want a reason to write, might as well make it a good reason *tongueout emoji*)
I might stray off-track now and then (I already have sef) but I have no doubt the Holy Spirit will always bring me back in line. So epp me God!


I'm a Woman. I'm a Wife. I'm a Mother. I'm a Foodie. I'm a Mompreneur. I'm a Christian.

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